4%) Electroencephalography was useful in 3 patients (1 5%) and e

4%). Electroencephalography was useful in 3 patients (1.5%) and exercise

test did not help in any patient.

Conclusion: In some children more than one potential cause of syncope was diagnosed. That might confirm multiple factors’ causality of syncope. Head-up tilt-test has the highest diagnostic yield in children with syncope. If the diagnostic protocol is not very strict, one might find some crucial conditions in about 8.3% of patients.”
“Anisotropy HDAC inhibitor in the elastic properties of single-crystal materials is often neglected when designing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) made of single-crystal silicon. In this report, the effects of anisotropic elasticity in single-crystal silicon on the stress concentration were analyzed and compared to isotropic simulation results. Semicircular notched beams, quarter-circle curved beams, and notched curved beams were analyzed using two-dimensional finite element method structural simulation. Two different CYT387 solubility dmso material configurations on the (001) plane and isotropic material constants were compared for each model to clarify the anisotropy effects. The stress concentration factor of a circular notch

was modified from the isotropic estimation by 7%-9% with the introduction of the anisotropic effect and became crystal-orientation dependent. Both the peak stress and stress distribution were dependent on the model configuration against the crystal axis. The results for other models were explicitly explained also by the rotation of the principal stress axis around the curved surface. A simple estimation method to select crystal orientation was proposed to minimize or maximize the stress concentration factor using

elastic anisotropy. These findings will be useful for reducing the peak stress in MEMS structures and improving their reliability. c 2009 American Institute of Physics. [DOI: 10.1063/1.3124368]“
“Nonlinear optical properties of Si nanocrystals (Si-ncs) doped SiO2 prepared by a cosputtering method were studied by z-scan technique in a femtosecond regime at around 1.6 eV. The nonlinear refractive index (n(2)) and nonlinear absorption coefficient (beta) were strongly enhanced compared learn more to those of bulk Si and found to be about similar to 2 x 10(-13) cm(2)/W and similar to 0.8 cm/GW, respectively. In the photon energy region from 1.48 to 1.65 eV, the n(2) and beta spectra followed the absorption spectra and no enhancement was observed in the band-edge photoluminescence region. In the diameter range of 2.7-5.4 nm, the size dependence of n(2) coincided well with that calculated by a pseudopotential approach, suggesting that the discrete energy states of Si-ncs are responsible for the observed enhanced optical nonlinearity. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [DOI: 10.1063/1.3125446]“
“Purpose: The purpose of our research was to compare the body mass index (BMI) and selected anthropometric parameters in asthmatic and non-asthmatic pubescents.

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