The six exercise sessions presented within the other two DVDs are

The six exercise sessions presented within the other two DVDs are comprised of an orchestrated sequencing of progressions (ie, beginning with simpler, more basic AZD9291 movements, and then building on exercises learned to ultimately engage in more complex movements). Delivering the exercise programme in such a manner helps to ensure that new challenges are built on a previous foundation and to help minimise the risk of injury. Participants will be instructed to inform research staff of any adverse events that might occur as a result of participation. This information will be documented, reported to the Institutional Review Board, and discussed in future publications regarding study outcomes. Furthermore, each

of the exercises presented within the DVDs will include two additional versions that vary in difficulty to make the exercises more attainable or challenging for individuals of varying functional capabilities and to further reduce the risk of injury. Using the standing military press exercise as an example, the exercise leader will instruct participants to stand straight with their feet in a staggered position while placing the centre of an exercise band directly between the front foot and the floor. She will then instruct them to grab the handles of the bands and position their hands so that the palms face forward/outward (ie,

towards the direction of the TV for those doing the exercise at home). Next, participants will be told to form a ‘goal post’ type position with their arms (ie, elbows in line with shoulders and forearms perpendicular with the ground). From this starting position, participants will be told to extend their elbows and press/raise their hands straight up over their head in a slow and controlled manner and up to the point where their thumbs almost touch. They will then be instructed to slowly lower the band back to starting position to complete one repetition. To modify the military

press, participants will be encouraged to use light hand weights as opposed to standing on an exercise band, as this will provide less resistance and greater range of motion. To make the exercise more challenging, participants will be instructed to stand with both feet evenly spaced on the band while performing the movement, which will considerably increase the level of resistance. Participants in the FlexToBa group will be instructed to exercise with the DVDs on a regular basis (ie, Carfilzomib every other day or at least three times per week) and to complete and mail in the exercise logs on a monthly basis via previously provided self-addressed stamped envelopes. These logs will be collected and entered by select, unblinded research personnel, who will also be responsible for generating and mailing personalised programme feedback to the corresponding participants for each of the six monthly exercise sessions.

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